Just another interesting life …

Peace be upon you, my faithful followers!

It’s been almost 2 years since my last post, I cannot believe it! I really can’t. So much has happened during that time, including some major changes in my life. We’ll get to that later on down the road, in sha’ Allah (God willing), but all is good, al hamdulillah (thank God).

First and foremost, I’d like to offer my sincere gratitude to all those who continued to follow my blog and share my posts. Back in June 2013, I had a little over 6,000 hits and now I was overly delighted to see that I have over 13,000 hits! My last post dating back to Ramadan of 2013 is the most often visited and shared, yielding 35 views and hour for the past few weeks, ma sha’ Allah! That really warms my heart solely because it’s precisely what I asked of you in that very post, to share it and help me spread its message across the world. Please continue to do so and may all those who do be rewarded immensely for their deed and intentions.

I would also like to ask everyone to forgive me for not posting any new entries the past couple of years. Time flew by and it took way longer than expected for me to find the time my blog and followers so rightfully and respectfully deserve! I never allow myself to be sloppy when it comes to anything I do, and that wasn’t about to change. So, please forgive me and, in sha’ Allah (God willing), I will do my best to continue to contribute to the blog as best as I can.


Finally, I’d like to wish everyone a Ramadan Mubarak! In less than a week, we’ll be fasting and enjoying the tremendous blessings Allah bestows upon us during the fabulous month of Ramadan. May Allah accept all our fasts, good deeds and intentions and forgive us for our transgressions. Ameen!


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