Just another interesting life …

Courtesy: Google Images!

Courtesy: Google Images!

Dear Thirties,

I am too excited to write anything remotely coherent!

All I can say is please be sweet, kind and gentle. Please be filled with happy moments and endless smiles. Please add to my happy memories and help me age just enough to let go of painful ones. Please let me see more of those I love and let them know how much I love and appreciate them. Please be kind to my friends and loved ones, we all need your support. Please help me be a better person with every passing day. Please be kind to my family and I and help me be the best wife and mother to my husband and children. Please be exciting and fun. Please bring us happiness, health, success and peace of mind more than anything.

Dear thirties … please be everything I had hoped you would be and much more.

Optimistically Yours,



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