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OK, so apparently I cannot count! I thought that I could manage to give credit to all those who supported me and my blog lately in two posts but as I was finalizing yesterday’s post I realized that I was wrong. I apologize to those who feel like I am dragging this out and I assure you that it’s not the case, at all! It would just be unfair to leave out some of those who have come back to my blog time and time again and have given me tremendous encouragement and support.

So, one last time (I promise), I’d like to continuing on from the past two days’ posts and get back to thanking all my new and existing followers for their tremendous support. Allow me to finish off what I started and thank you so much for your patience 😉


In their own words, they introduce themselves to us; “Happsters are all about happiness. We make other people happy and let others know when they make us happy. Through random acts of happiness and Happster events throughout the world, we make the world a happier place. Be sure to use #imahappster on Twitter and Instagram so we can all follow along and support each other. Become an official Happster & get free Happy Notes to make it easy for you to express gratitude to people you encounter here: http://tinyurl.com/imahappster.” I am following this blog, they really do put a big, fat smile on your face 🙂 You can find their blog here.



I’m so sorry, this blog is in a language that I do not comprehend but looks very interesting. Please check it out here.



In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “This life is a journey, and like the ripples of a lake sent forth with every rain drop, I too want to see where this life will be sent forth. What adventures, what follies, what joys and what sorrows will this life encounter? Where will it lead my consciousness, what will I lose and what will I gain? What are the gems of this journey, that I can grasp in the palm of my hand and place for safekeeping in a pocket, this blog, my pocket, at least for now.” You can find her blog here.



Photographs & Philosophy – The Periphrastic Mind of Kenneth Justice. You can find the blog here.


Laura Susanne

In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “I am Laura Susanne. In November 2012 at the age of 23 I published my first book—Sick: In The Name Of Being Well, I Made Myself Sick—through Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Company. In Sick, I take a heartfelt, close-up look at my personal story with an eating disorder. The book approaches food and body image issues from a holistic perspective and offers a variety of creative, meditative exercises to help individuals define a unique, authentic path to healing. Today, I continue to write about my personal journey, shape new perspectives about eating disorders, and offer various tools for everyday people looking to uplift themselves through my blog. Additionally, I founded my own LLC, Inviting Movement into Life, through which I offer health, wellness and fitness services. Finally, I hold a bachelors degree in health promotion from American University, where I graduated summa cum laude May 2012.” You can find her inspiring blog here.



In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “My name is Tazein Mirza Saad.I am among you,  you know me,we all exist together on this planet!! My story is a very painful chapter in my life- finally, after struggling for 20 years, God came for me!!With Him at my side, every last trace of  fear left me and I started my journey as a writer!! I am blessed by you all, dear readers, who identify with my feelings,God bless every one!Hold my hand, dear readers, as we aim to find the most important thing in life- ourselves- find your self- every thing will fall in place.If you are suffering and alone, no one is helping you,reflect upon this fact:God loves you a lot,He is testing your faith in Him,He knows you can handle it!!Pain is the best teacher of all- something inside us changes for ever, we become stronger- our spirit shines!May we all gain Wisdom in this journey of life!!We will experience true bliss, contentment and happiness along the way!!Get, set, go!!” Her blog can be found here.



noel1090 is the blogger with most comments on my blog, all very sweet and encouraging and all very much appreciated 😀 In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “I am 14 years of age and love to write. I skateboard and write short stories for fun, so I have had a lot of experiences with writing. For the past few months I have really wanted to start a blog so that is just what I did. I always like to be random and funny. I am hope that everyone that reads my blog will like it and post.” She promised to buy my book, should I write one! She’s one of those people that you feel like you have known forever although you have never really met. Please check out her blog here and show her some love.


Raphael’s Legacy by Barry Hardy

In his own words, he introduces himself to us; “Come visit my shamanic blog, its oozing authenticity, overflowing with love, humour, introspection and of course humility in my own fragility. Just so you know; Raphael’s Legacy “battling for the right to life” was my first self help book and was written as part of my own cathartic healing process. Shaman, Shamanic Business Consultant and Self Help Author” You can find his blog here.


Bogdan Marius Beleuz

In his own words, he introduces his blog to us; “One stop resource for all the people interested in the subject. This blog will be continuously updated with news about global trade trends, international business, trading, economic and trade legislation and laws, cooperation and  development, banking system, global taxes and agreements, accounting & audition, global environment, normalization & harmonization, logistics & transportation, trade agreements and negotiations etc. A special attention will be devoted to the European Union (EU) and its institutions.” I found his blog to be extremely informative and I’m sure that anyone who is interested in the subject will as well. You can find his blog here.


Elena Levon

In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “Russian-Armenian-American solo Nomad. I’m a Writer, Photographer, Actress, Dancer, Model & a Dual Citizen. I have backpacked solo through Africa, lived in 8 countries and traveled close to 30, in 4 continents. On my journey I got to share dinners & laughs with everyone, from homeless people, to Presidents, Hollywood icons & Royalty. I walked with lions in the wild, bungee jumped into a river full of alligators, got in a fight with a female baboon, hang on the edge of the most dangerous pool in the world and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, in the middle of one of the coldest winters in Russia. I’m a self-made woman. I don’t wait for life… but run towards it with my soul wide open. Don’t just dream the dream… LIVE it! Live YOUR PASSION!”. If you feel like she looks familiar, that’s probably because she appeared in “Ocean’s Thirteen”! Yes, the George Clooney movie 😉 You can find her blog here.



In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “This site was created with the aim to provide readers with inspiring thoughts. Our thoughts are there to create the life we all wish for. What is fundamental in creating the world we wish and hope to live in? Internal dialogue. Yet with life´s chaos and obligations and distractions it´s so easy to forget this crucial point. This site is here to remind us all to stop a moment and be “mindful of our thoughts”; a key point to happiness and self fulfilment. Life has many hurdles and knowing you have the key in your hand to help you jump those hurdles is the aim of  the Watchful Savvy. Peace and love… and happy reading!” You can find her blog here.



In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “22. Sarcastic. Asian. Thoughtful. Short. Easily Amused. Independent. Currently a grad student in pursuit of a degree in social work so I can make the world a better place. I enjoy reading, writing, and watching Criminal Minds with my family. It freaks me out when my things touch the ground. I have a maltese who is pretty much my baby. I am a major foodie and I love trying new things. I am also about as real as you’re gonna get. I’m a sentimental person and enjoy the little things. I am clumsy, but I have good intensions. All things Disney are my obsession. I created this blog as a vehicle  for me to process real world stuff into somewhat intelligent posts. Hope you enjoy :)“. This witty young lady has a blog to match her personality. You can find it here.


Cristian Mihai

Cristian is the author of the very first blog I ever “followed” in blog land! In his own words; “Cristian Mihai (born 25 December 1990) grew up in Constanta, Romania. And he’s still growing up, or at least trying to. Sometimes he writes. Sometimes he gets lucky and writes something good.  He can’t, however, draw a straight line. No matter how much he tries. Not even with a ruler. And, please, don’t ever ask him to sing” You can find his blog here.



Her blog is called “The Other Dark Meat – Portraits of a Black Sheep”. You can find it here.



In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “I grew up in Calcutta, India and moved to Florida, USA for higher education after which I taught writing at a big school in California, USA. I have a couple of degrees in English literature as part of my formal education. I moved to the New York City metro area fairly recently to join my husband. Bottledworder was my third choice as far as names go but my very first real blog. My first two preferences were already taken that night the thought of starting a blog struck me. It has been nice to live as just Bottledworder in the blogosphere for the last six months remaining gender neutral and identity-less. However, many readers have been assuming that I’m a “he” and I began wondering what it was about my style that made them think I was a man. Although I am a woman, I don’t mind being whatever gender my readers assume I am based on my writing alone. That’s who Bottledworder really is. Just human. I’ve started to quite like myself as Bottledworder lately. Thank you, readers, for reading along!” You can find her blog here.


Ty McDuffie

In his own words, he introduces himself to us; “Lover of life. Tech startup starter upper. Father of two beautiful, slightly off center, young women. Husband of the most beautiful woman in the world.” You can find his website here.



In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “Julie is a zany twenty-two-year-old pocket rocket with a passion for people and a creative spirit. She strives to strengthen her mind and body, whether it is through expressing herself artistically or through weight training, bushwalking and healthy eating. Julie’s an intern at Bright Sea Publishing, a vollie content producer at Oxfam, a waitress on the weekends, an artist/writer/photographer when possible, and a recent graduate and job seeker sent into the world without a clue. What else would you like to know? Ask Julie anything!” You can find her blog here.



In his own words, he introduces himself to us; “I enjoy reading Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Orwell, Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides, Plato, Nietzsche, Descartes, Poe, Kafka, Tennyson, Keats, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Byron, Marlowe, Milton, Blake, Yeats, etc. I created this blog to record my interpretations of literary classics, and to engage in intelligent discussions with my fellow bloggers. Please feel free to comment or suggest a specific topic for discussion. 24 years old, 6’3″, still alive and thinking as of April 8, 2013.” His blog is very interesting, inspiring and mind-provoking. I encourage you to check it out here.



In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “Damyanti is an established freelance writer, who is now making inroads into fiction … This is 5-year old blog about writing. Didn’t think it would last this long. This year, I aim to post twice a week, depending on the time my writing schedule allows me. I appreciate the blessings all my blog-friends have brought me over the years, and thank them all” You can find her blog here.



In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “I know a thing or two about a thing or two, too.” You can find her blog here.



In her own words, she introduces herself to us; ” JJBegonia is a silly nickname that my equally silly Dad gave me when I was a little girl.  Needless to say, it stuck.  My real name is Carlynn and I started this blog to chronicle all of the things I love, and the things that inspire me, in one place. All of the photographs on this site have been taken by me, unless otherwise noted.  Feel free to use the images, but please link back to jjbegonia.com.  Thank You!” Her blog is one of the best DIY blogs I have ever found in blog land! I encourage you to take a look at it here.



In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “I am a writer, poet, movie buff…. I will tell you the rest later.” Her blog, named “The Thoughts In My Head” can be found here.



There was no “About” page on this blog but you can find it here.


The Dimwit Diary

In his own words, he introduces himself to us; “I am a total dimwit. I dislike long walks on the beach, I prefer whiskey on the rocks, I enjoy cold winters, I eat fast food, and I keep this pretty rad diary, er blog. Thanks for checking it out. Yours Truly, Chris Hinton – The Captain of the Dimwits”. You can find his hilarious blog here.


Russell Deasley

In his own words, he introduces himself to us; “It is my job to make Websites famous! Maybe I could even help your blog to grow? But if you are reading this because I started following your blog then your blog doesn’t need it because it is already pretty awesome otherwise I wouldn’t follow it, and it is as simple as that. I am a SEO/PPC/SM expert. After working for most my life in a factory and finding it very hard to afford to eat let alone live, I decided to change my life. I read blogs, books and talked to everyone I could about this “SEO” thing. And after learning all I could I then got a trial job (2002) doing SEO/PPC and the rest for me is history. If I have learned anything in life it’s to always believe in myself, and I am a firm believer in people being to do whatever they like in life. Do you have any SEO questions about your site? Then just ask me! I am more than happy to try and point you in the right direction and if I can save someone’s job by offering some easy to follow advice then I am more than happy to do it. I would consider all my G+ & blog posts family friendly as I just post fun things and stuff in the form of a top 10 that I enjoy talking about. Yes I am a bit of a nerd but I am also a strong family guy with a happy wife and child, so I just want to bring people something that they will enjoy reading and maybe even smile or love.” You can find his blog here.


Alaina Greenberg

In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “Trained in Strategic Intervention at Robbins-Madanes Training and Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Alaina Greenberg is the owner and founder of Next Step Relationship Coaching. She combines human needs psychology and neurological principles to assist individuals in learning adaptive behaviors to overcome persistent life challenges. The youngest child in a close, traditionally minded immigrant family, Alaina was exposed to three languages at home and only taught one. This translated into the ability to understand what others are saying without relying on the words they use. Her keen ability to identify the emotion and meaning behind what is said enables her to lead others to explore and question their own limiting thought patterns and beliefs. This, in turn, helps them to uncover a greater awareness of themselves. Alaina’s ingrained appreciation and respect for naturally occurring human diversity serves as a foundation for providing a universally acceptable and personally relevant experience for everyone.” Her blog is very warm and inviting and there is a lot more on there about her and what she does. I encourage you to check it out here.


I’d also like to thank other followers whom I could not find the link to their blogs or websites; humanity777, fullofrosesinspirationals, Robert, Courtney. moolta.com, liveonimpulse, mystylitaly, worldwifetraveler, selfgrowth14, jamesrevelsthecomposer, TVC Matrix MCA, Piyush Mishra, shellynation, pollarod1, sophielola, Awesome Jon, everydaypowerblog, freeryder, taylor oceans, sexandtheshameless, gpicone, bhardwazbhardwaz, The Overstand Podcast and The Cof . If any of you would like to send me the link to your blog or website, I’d be more than happy to include it above 🙂


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