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Continuing on from yesterday’s post, I’d like to get back to thanking all my new and existing followers for their tremendous support. Allow me to finish off what I started yesterday and introduce you to some of those amazing people and their blogs.


The Jogging Dad

In his own words, he introduces himself to us; “I began running regularly in 2006 when I was 33 years of age. That was also the year my first son, L, was born. The intensity of my running stepped up considerably in 2008 – a year that heralded the birth of my second son, C. For sometime, I valiantly tried to convince my wife, and especially myself, that the sudden desire to pound the pavement was totally unrelated to the sudden responsibilities of parenthood. I suspect this pretence was swiftly dismissed by my ever-so-perceptive wife, probably the very first time I re-laced up my moth-clad pair of joggers which had been in hibernation since high school. With this blog, I am coming clean to myself with this whole charade. Of course I started running so as to get away from the chores of childcare, even if it is just for one hour a week. Of course I enter fun runs and half-marathons so as to manufacture excuses for longer training sessions, again in order to reduce the stress of dealing with my children. And of course I have been dreaming of tackling the NYC and the London Marathon (I live in Sydney, Australia – as far from NYC and London as you can get!) so as to cherish the thought of enjoying a mini-holiday by myself with uninterrupted sleeps and lavatory peace. The purpose of this Blog is to: (1) Chart the parental journey since the birth of my children, as reflected over the numerous kilometres that I logged during that period; and (2) Share the daily trials and tribulations of raising my two wonderful boys, with all those dads out there running the longest, toughest and yet the most rewarding race that is called Parenthood.” This blog is very witty, cheerful and fun. It’s one of the best blogs I have visited. You can find it here.


Parenting And Stuff

In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “A mom to 3 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat, (so far, but who’s counting). I know all the secrets to being a great and a perfect parent, and will reveal all of them to you in this blog, for free!! Ooops… wouldn’t that be a great opening to this blog? Not that I don’t want to share all these great secrets with you. The truth is that I know nothing.  No, really, the bigger my children are getting, the less and less I know. How crazy is that??? You know this cliché, about children NOT being born with a user manual? Guess what! It’s true! So one thing is for sure, this is not a “how to be a great parent” blog. It’s more of a place for sharing with you special moments, wonders, worries, solutions, failures and successes …everything that can maybe help other people like me, who knows less from day to day about this mystery called  parenthood.” I am following this blog as I think it’s brilliant and sincere! Not to mention, it feels great knowing you’re not the only one who is learning as you go 😀 You can find the blog here.



This blog is helpful when it comes to finding educational games for your little ones. They are going to play anyway, right? Might as well have them learn a thing or two 😉 In their own words; iGameMom is “a place for the busy parents to discover the good educational applications for kids, and to explore ways to stay engaged with kids in the new game world. Why shall I visit iGameMom? Are you having a hard time to find a good app for your child on the App Store?  Do your kids like to play games?  Do you like the idea of learning while playing?  Do you wish you can interact with kids more even when they are playing games?  Do you want to learn some easy tips to better utilize your mobile devices? If you answer YES to any of the questions, iGameMom is for you.  iGameMom’s goal is simple: help parents find new ways to better kids learning experience.” You can find this informative blog here.


Derrick Brewer

In his own words, he introduces himself to us; “I am a 44 year old husband and father of two. I finally decided that I want to be able to do what I want when I want. Online marketing has given me that freedom to do just that.” You can find out more about Derrick and his business here.


Rick Mallery

In his own words, he introduces himself to us; “The list had haunted me. Upon finishing university, I made a list of writing goals. Fifty poems, twenty short stories, one stage play, one full-length screenplay, and one novel (minimum 100,000 words). The idea was that after writing in a variety of formats I would know which I was best suited for and where I should put my writing efforts. On my forty-second birthday, I checked my list and found eighty poems, forty short stories, three stage plays, and three full-length screenplays. And I still did not know what kind of writer I wanted to be when I grew up. Missing was the novel. I had done plenty of writing, so my day job and family life were no excuses for not writing the novel. I simply hadn’t figured out how to do it. The following day I visited Powell’s, my favorite bookstore. My daughter had gone to live with her mother for a few months, and in her absence I often went to the bookstore–as much to hang out in a comfortable place as to browse or buy books. Ruminating in an overstuffed chair among the stacks, I decided it was a good place to write a short story. I bought a notebook and pen at a nearby grocery store and returned to the comfy seat. Something strange happened. All the advice about writing fiction disappeared. No narrative arc. No plot points. No character development. Just start with a character who has a problem, and then make everything worse until it finally gets better. “The man woke up.” I had started. “The man woke up and opened his eyes. He closed them again and rubbed them.” I had to keep him busy while I figured out what was wrong in his world. “The woman was not beside him.” And there was his problem. Where was the woman? An hour later I had written four pages. It was a good first session. Two sessions later the short story had turned into a first chapter. Twenty-five chapters later, that small seed had germinated, sprouted, and grown into the accomplishment of my life: the novel, BECOMES THE HAPPY MAN. The list was complete. Those ghosts silent. But more importantly, the voices of many more ghosts began haunting my imagination. The list had fulfilled its purpose of revealing my writing specialty. Three more novels have followed in the past year and a half, and now I can’t imagine ever not having one in progress. The man woke up. He did indeed.” Rick’s style of writing is absolutely phenomenal! He has the talent of being able to express himself in just a few words and have every person reading his posts comprehend exactly what he wanted to say. I am so jealous 😀 Please check out his blog here.



In their own words, they introduce themselves to us; “This blog is a labor of love that is written specifically for you, to help you to find the answers you seek and to give you peace and perspective. These are founding truths from the world’s first self-help book called the Bible. But it is not the Bible as you may know it. It is from a time when words were more than letters on a page, but living expression filled with inner meaning. Even today when an artist paints it is not just oil on a canvas, but it is a deeper expression of his soul through the imagery the artist conveyed. The Word of God is no different, for God is the Great Artist and what He paints becomes real and alive. His Word is not made of mere mortal letters but a living essence and expressions of Himself. They are living images of inner truths written through the lives of those He chose to reach you. Each word of the Bible is made from a series of symbols chosen specifically to have meaning beyond what you are taught in a church classroom today. It is a secret and living language of icons that has not changed in the thousands of years since its creation. The symbolic imagery of the Bible is actually a language in of itself, and if you are only reading the Bible like everyone else, you are then missing the other half of the true story that is written only for you. There is a another book hidden in plain sight within the Book you already hold so dear, and once you learn the sign language of the soul… That Book, and you, will forever change.” You can find the blog here.



In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “An Electrical Engineer by profession, A poet at heart, A drama queen in real life… An obedient daughter, A doting sister, A caring *sentimental* friend… A true Scorpio in every aspect – Loyal, Passionate, Dynamic, Obsessive, Manipulative, Independent, Secretive, Intense, Dominating, Emotional, Intuitive, Magnetic! Being a restless child that I am, I try doing whatever I can get my hands on. This blog is a journal of my memories, thoughts and day-to-day stuff I would like to keep a record of, for future ;) Let me know what you think about it..! Cheers!”. You can find this fun blog here.


Gee Jordan

In their own words, they introduce themselves to us; “Black White & Read All Over is a blog with several diverse Bloggers committed to self-help, satire and basic opinion on a murid of subjects.  The last thing we want to be is bogged down to just talking about Coke vs. Pepsi or what we did on our vacation to Buffalo in November.  So sit back and enjoy our page and thanks for your continued support!” Needless to say, I love the idea! You can find their uplifting blog here.


Project AWOL

In their own words, they introduce themselves to us; “Ready To Live Another Way Of Life? Discover How These 2 Professional Affiliate Marketers Have Helped Hundreds Of People Just Like You ‘Wake Up’ To Their First Dollar Online…” You can find their blog here.


Glenn Folkes

In his own words, he introduces himself to us; “So I thought I would give a quick photographic look at who I am. I’m currently mid 20s, and after finishing my engineering degree, I decided there was more to life than working a 9-5 boring ass job. So I went travelling. After a few years I ran out of money, until someone I was travelling with introduced me to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically directing internet traffic, and making commissions when people buy things online. Now this online marketing is paying for my travels, and I can work for a few hours a day and make money from my computer wherever I am in the world!!” You can find his blog here.


Andra Watkins

In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “Andra Watkins is an author. Or, I will be when someone publishes my first novel, a work of upmarket fiction. (See? I know the lingo. That’s code for ‘book club book.’) To entice you to read my blog, here are some random bits of minutia about me. Bad habit that has plagued me all my life: biting my nails. I once considered taking up smoking to satisfy my need to move my hands a lot, but I decided that nail biting probably won’t kill me. Most famous living relative: Loretta Lynn. We’re fifth cousins, meaning she doesn’t know me from Adam’s house cat. Still, I might be able to work family connections to get her to endorse my novel. Favorite book of all time: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Love, murder, revenge – and France! How can that combination go wrong? Most exotic (read disgusting) thing I’ve ever eaten: Dancing shrimp. Japanese code for ‘still alive and moving in the plate,’ the shrimp is beheaded and the tail is prepared seconds before the chef places it, still wiggling, in front of the diner. Bizarre ritual: I must move my right foot to go to sleep. When I was a baby, I had to kick my leg up and down and turn the light on and off, meaning anyone sleeping with me should be thankful for my dramatic improvement. On exercise: I can’t run a mile, but I once hiked the Grandview Trail in Grand Canyon in four hours, round-trip. I never thought I could make a living by writing. But, attaining a certain age usually makes us try things we didn’t have the guts to go for when we were younger. In the interest of covering all professional bases, I spent eleven years in public accounting and tortured my right-brained self into earning my license as a Certified Public Accountant. (Don’t ask me a thing about your taxes. I know nothing.) Since 2004, I’ve operated my own management consulting firm that works with small and mid-sized companies to help them make more money – even in these ‘tough economic times.’ I’ve written business articles that have been published both regionally and nationally. Still, telling a good story makes me happier than anything else on earth.” I love her sense of humor, her style of writing and how she shows passion for what she does! Andra, if your book gets published, I will be the first to purchase it 🙂 You can find her blog here.


Michael Armstrong

In his own words, he introduces himself to us; “I’m 25 years old, and currently living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I enjoy hockey, traveling, technology, and snowboarding as much as I can. I’m outgoing, and I love a good adventure – whether it be traveling, or just an exciting or unusual experience with an uncertain outcome, I believe that through adventure, you really get to know yourself. I’m originally from the small city of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada; which is frequently called “The center of the great lakes” – because of it’s geographical location directly in the middle of the great lakes. It’s a great place to grow up, and it’s still a place I call home. By trade, I’m a web developer / programmer / geek. I moved out to Calgary this past August (2012) to work for a consulting firm here, and so far, I’ve been having a blast. I think the mountains really reignited my passion for snowboarding, and adventure. There is just so much to do and see – whether it be snowboarding, hiking, white water rafting, or mountain biking, you won’t run out of things to keep you busy.” I find his profile to be very similar to Jordan Latour’s from yesterday’s post, which was an interesting thing to note. You can find his blog here.


The Middle Of Nowhere

In his own words, he introduces himself to us; “Hello, I am a single father raising my daughter. Unfortunately her mother died after overdosing on prescription painkillers. Causing chaos in the lives of her family. I never wrote anything before but thought I would try it out. I never had a story to tell until now. This past year since the death of my wife has been quite an ordeal. So many emotions, plans for the future, new friends and relationships, and also strained old relationships. These are my stories, thoughts, ideas, and experiences. In the end maybe someone will walk away with a different point of view.” His blog is very emotional and touching. You can, literally, feel his pain. I hope he finds peace and that his daughter grows up to appreciate what he is trying to do for her. You can find his inspiring blog here.



In his own words, the pastor introduces himself to us; “Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the River Walk. If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas regarding the content or formatting of this blog, this is the place to leave them. The River Walk is, and always will be, a work in progress. Until everyone on the web has been here, loves what we’re doing, and most importantly has met for themselves this great God we serve, there is still room for improvement. You might have the key for how The River Walk and Two Rivers Assembly might take that next step up so please, don’t keep it to yourself. I’d like to say thanks to those who have nominated me for various awards. I appreciate it but since this is a church blog I probably won’t be doing them here. I am available and willing to guest write. If you’d like to contact me about that, or if you have deeper questions about something on the River Walk that you are not willing to share publicly, please email me at bj@tworiversassembly.com. I will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours. Again, thanks for stopping by.” You can find the blog here.


Teeny Bikini

In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “Decades of hating my body. Decades of hating my thighs – and the rest of my jiggly bits. And decades of trying to be something I was not. I mean that fact is… A unicorn will gallop through my living room long before my sumptuous thighs evaporate. I am tall. I am muscular as hell. And that is simply – the deal. I am never ever gonna be a waif. On a good day, I am the most fit version of me. Vibrant. Happy. Mouthy. A little sarcastic. Quick with a lame story. But by no means a waif. About 3 years ago, I started blogging about my weight loss journey. I lost about 55 pounds and I continued to write until I embraced all of my jiggly bits. That said, this is not a weight loss blog. Let me say it again – not, not, not. I have spent decades talking about my weight, obsessing over it, weighing myself to exhaustion. The fact is I am gonna eat well and exercise or not. Further, I don’t ask people about their weight or food or anything remotely tangential – nor do I give an it-shay. That is their business. I am entirely overwhelmed just trying to get to work on time every other decade. And that is my business – and I suck it. I’ve just talked, read and researched it to death – so it is now equivalent to childbirth or marriage to me – “I don’t care if other people do it, but – by all means – leave me out of it.” So again – this is not a weight loss blog. There are a bazillion people and places where “the numbers” can be discussed in a bazillion different ways. I am just giving my journey some context. The best way I know to lose some weight is to…

  • Drop a boyfriend that shouldn’t be [- 150 lbs.]
  • Or finally stop talking to that itch-bay [yes, I am fluent in Pig Latin. Impressed yet?] at work or at Thankgiving dinner or next door that drives you nuts [now, deduct another 150 lbs.]
  • Or get rid of all of the it-shay in your house that takes up too much space and is too much work to clean [now, deduct another 20 – 40 lbs.]

And presto magic! [Throw in some Harry Potter spell here…] And most people will weigh in at -300, at the very least.” Her blog is hilarious yet so rich! You can find it here.



In his own words, he introduces himself to us; “I am an Online Entrepreneur in the field of Affiliate Marketing, a Freelance Graphic Designer, and hold many other skills having had a variation of jobs since the age of 14.” You can find his informative blog here.


Kavita Joshi

In her own words, she introduces herself to us; “Who am I? Good question. Sorry to say but I am not sure I have the right answer yet as I am on the path of self discovery myself. Other than that I can definitely tell you what I do – Software Engineer in a large IT firm. I am friendly but also an assertive person who loves adventure and jumping is something that gives me thrill – whether it is sky diving or bungee jumping. I have got the travel bug in me and time to time I love staying under water  – scuba diving, when I can. India is where I came into existence but my heart is purely global as I do believe that where you are born and brought up does contribute to who you are but I also believe that who you are inside creates a world around you. So I am in the process of creating the surroundings the way I am inside. Why I am here – To join this online family where people believe in sharing. I am on my journey of life and want to share my thoughts and experience with you. I hope to take you through the same roller coaster I am going through at the moment. And believe me its head spinning thrill and heart dwelling deep at times. So rather than just writing about it, lets start exploring. Lets create the dreams and turn them into reality.” You can find her beautiful blog here.



In his own words, he introduces his blog to us; “This is my “collection” of poems, prose and images, but I did not create them and it is not my intention to gain credit for them. So, if you see something that was not intended to be freely used and distributed, please let me know and I will remove it from this site immediately. Thanks to all the talented folks who have created these for our enjoyment! You are welcome to share your stories and use materials presented on this site with a reference to our site and the authors of these materials.” You can find the blog here.

To be continued tomorrow!


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