Just another interesting life …

I usually don’t make New Year resolutions simply because I feel like every day is a new opportunity to “start” whatever people pledge to do beginning the new year. But this year I chose to make myself a promise, that I’ll put myself at the top of my own priority list right there with my children and husband. If I am not OK, they definitely won’t be OK since they depend on me fully! Besides, I’m pretty awesome and I deserve to be taken care of, at least by me :p So far, I’ve been allotting time to myself almost daily and I feel good about it. Sometimes it’s a few minutes, other times it’s a few hours after my children sleep. I used to feel guilty when I put something aside and did something for myself, but no more 🙂 It took me 29 years to take this step and I fully intend to see it through for as long as it is written that I live on this Earth, in sha’ Allah 🙂


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