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Political Break

So, I know that I’ve been away from my blog for over a month now. For the first 3 weeks my children were both very ill and I had to take care of them 100% of the time till they started to feel better, al hamd lellah (thank God). That’s when my system felt like it was a good time to breakdown and so I fell ill myself.

But for the remaining 3 weeks, I stayed away from the virtual world altogether. There was nothing positive in the news, things were much much much worse in Syria, the situation in Egypt was a huge disappointment and every time I’d catch a glimpse of something while my husband was online, it would turn out to be something depressing! Finally, I made a conscious decision to not follow what goes on back home too closely. I spent so many sleepless nights worried about everyone back home and about what will become of the country that it had affected my mood adversely. And, as a mother, I have a responsibility towards my family to keep the mood at home positive as much as humanly possible. So from now on I will check the headlines once a week, make sure it’s after the kids are asleep and try to sleep off any negative news I hear.

I also made a huge decision, I have decided not to vote in the upcoming presidential elections! I know that sounds weird and I’ll probably take a lot of heat for making this decision but I believe that the elections will not be fair! I am almost 100% sure that SCAF and the ousted regime will play a hand at manipulating the results and I would like no part in that charade. Not to mention that the list of candidates thus far is a huge joke. Therefore, I have decided not to contribute my voice where it would go unheard … and at the same time I’m praying that I turn out to be wrong and that the elections go as the people hope it to go.



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