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I guess there is a political side of me after all! Something that I tried to avoid all my life, yet again, if I don’t feel concerned about what goes on back home then how can I call myself a true Egyptian?

The events that took place today at the football match taking place in Port Said between Al Ahly and Al Masry aren’t a coincidence … they are nothing short of a massacre! In what world do supporters of the winning team attack supporters of the losing team? I’ve walked this Earth for 28 years and every single time anything like this happens it’s the other way around … and it makes sense too!

Not just that, after seeing the pictures and videos posted on Facebook I can safely say that these events must have been planned beforehand. You can clearly and distinctively see the security forces just standing there hanging out with each other while letting the supporters raid the football field. Not only that, they’re getting out of the rushing supporters’ way too! You can see the brutal injuries that the deceased (or should I say murdered?) suffered, no civilian can inflict such extensive damage on a fellow civilian. What about the numerous reports of gun shot inflicted wounds? Since when do civilians roam around with guns in their possession? Not to mention the timing, on the one year anniversary of “Mawke3at Al Gamal” (Incident of the Camel).

And the lame public statements issued by the Ministry of Interior and SCAF are just unacceptable! If they truly believe that they secured the area, supporters and football players then they are in denial. And if they don’t, yet believe that the Egyptian people will believe such nonsense then they are undermining the intelligence of the entire country … which is no less dangerous!

Only God knows what is going on exactly, but if this is a scare tactic of some kind, it’s not going to work. If it’s an attempt to distract people from asking about why the perpetrators of the Incident of the Camel haven’t been brought forward and haven’t been taken to trial till now, it’s not going to work. If it’s a way to come up with an excuse to re-invoke the Emergency Laws and say “I told you so”, it’s not going to work.

So sad to see all this happening to my beautiful country. So sad to see the blood of the youth spilled and treated so cheaply by those traitors. So sad to see things heading south when we should be rebuilding our country hand in hand and looking forward to tomorrow. So sad, just so sad!


Comments on: "Today’s Massacre … 77 Innocent Lives Lost!" (1)

  1. 2 days later the truth starts to come out. Some of the gates on Al Ahly fans side were welded shut so that they don’t have a chance to escape! There are several videos showing these facts. The vast majority of those massacred were between 16 and 30 yrs old … they died before even starting their lives!

    Not only that, but several baltageya (bullies) were arrested and questioned by the citizens of Port Said and they admitted that 2 of Gamal Mubarak’s friends paid 600 of them to go through with the sad events that took place after the match. They refused to turn them in to thr corrupt police and are keeping them for the MPs to take them. So a massacre indeed it was, Mubarak and his regime live on and our youth pay the price with their precious lives! Down with SCAF … Down with Mubarak’s regime … Long live Egypt … Long live Egypt …

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