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One Year Young

So, I chose to start my blog on the first anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution. That’s not because I intend it to be about politics, nor am I categorizing the people I know based on which political party they elected for the parliament, it’s for another much simpler and much deeper reason. It’s because I am simply, Egyptian and Proud.

After spending most of my life away from Egypt (I’ll tell you all about that later on) I cherish it probably more than most! Yes, I said it, and that’s because it was always my home that I’m yearning for. It’s like I could not find a true sense of security, inner peace nor belonging till I go back. I have always been proud of my heritage and the first thing I’d tell people I’m meeting for the first time had always been “Hi, my name is Heba. I’m Egyptian”. Well, now that I am older I just say my name and wait for people to ask me where I’m from, it’s inevitable you know.

Hence, I felt it was only fit that I  publish my very first entry on this wonderful day. One year ago, when the Revolution began, I couldn’t have imagined all the accomplishments we were about to make … yet again, I couldn’t have imagined all the lives that were to be lost. To all the martyrs and their families I’d like to say that without you, my children couldn’t have had the future I know they’ll have now, and that is priceless. You are all in my prayers and I will never ever take what you sacrificed for our wellbeing for granted.

Without getting into any political details, I’d like to say that I support the revolution 110%, I respect all those who took part in it one way or another 110% and I know that Egypt will have a better and brighter future 110%. Egyptian and Proud … always.


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